Phlebotomy Classes

phlebotomy certification 300x300 Phlebotomy ClassesPhlebotomy is a healthcare procedure in which a trained professional known as a phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician will draw blood from a patient. This blood is then analyzed in medical laboratories or stored for future transfusions to patients who need it. It is possible for an individual to be employed as a phlebotomist even though they have never had any sort of prior training. They then get their training while they work as phlebotomists. This route however has a number of disadvantages.

  • Hard to find employment – It is possible to be employed but it will take a long time to find an employer who can hire somebody with no training and then train them.
  • Low entry level salary – Phlebotomists who get employed without getting any prior training will usually be paid a lower salary than those who got phlebotomy classes.

Due to the above disadvantages, more and more people are realizing the need for attending phlebotomy tech schools. Before one can enroll with a specific phlebotomy training institution, they have to gather as much information as possible on what the classes will entail. This article touches on some of this important data.

Duration of Phlebotomy Classes

The first thing that anybody has to find out is how long the phlebotomy classes are going to take. Different training institutions have different durations that the training will take place in. It mainly depends on how the training institution allows their students to attend. Some institutions will allow part time attendance while others only take on full time attendance students.

The material that has to be covered during the entire duration of the training will also influence how many classes students will have to attend. There are online phlebotomy schools that will cover the entire training in as little as one week. There are other phlebotomy tech schools that will take as much as one year after which an individual will then receive an online phlebotomy degree.

Material to be covered in Phlebotomy Classes

Before enrolling with any phlebotomy training institution, it is important that one finds out the type of material that is going to be covered in their curriculum. Not All training institutions will cover the same material. Some institutions will go in depth with some material while there are others that may totally skip the material. There is no fixed curriculum set by the government that these training institutions have to follow but there are some fundamentals that cannot be skipped. The more in depth the curriculum is the more options the phlebotomy technician will have for employment once they have completed their phlebotomy classes.

The online phlebotomy programs have to teach in theory the phlebotomy practices that the individuals will have to carry out in the future when they are employed. They will be taught which practices are safe when drawing blood via venipuncture or capillary puncture. These practices will be varying for adults and children.


Infection control is also a very important aspect taught in phlebotomy technician classes. this will teach the students how to prepare the lab area for the phlebotomy, which instruments to use and how to properly collect the blood.

Due to the fact that the phlebotomists will be working hand in hand with other medical professionals, the course should teach the students medical terminology.

Medical and legal ethics are important in any healthcare setting so it is imperative that these are taught over the course duration as well.

Where to Attend Phlebotomy Classes

Once one has decided that they want to do phlebotomy training, they then need to know where they can enroll for the training. Individuals have two options when it comes to where they can attend phlebotomy classes.

  • Local training institutions – Individuals can enroll in local training centers in their state. Some states will have more training centers than others depending on factors such as the demand for phlebotomists and the state’s economic potential.
  • Online Phlebotomy Classes – A lot of people are joining online phlebotomy programs because they come with various advantages. First and foremost, the phlebotomy online schools are usually much cheaper than the brick and mortar training institutions. They also have the added advantage of allowing students to learn from anywhere that they have an internet connection instead of having to physically attend classes.

Eligibility for Phlebotomy Classes

It is not hard for individuals who want to become phlebotomists to get accepted into phlebotomy training institutions. The main criteria for eligibility in a majority of the training institutions is that the individual to have graduated from high school.

Cost of Phlebotomy Classes

How much one can expect to pay for the phlebotomy classes will depend on a certain number of factors. For example, different institutions will have their own set of tuition fees for their programs as they see fit. Different states will also have different rates for the programs. When one opts for online phlebotomy classes they can expect to pay much less than when they enroll with a brick and mortar training institution. The students have to consider all these factors when hunting for the training institutions. All in all, there is no specific fees that can be quoted as being the cost of phlebotomy training. Some schools will be as cheap as $200 for the entire course while others will be as expensive as in the thousands.

In conclusion, phlebotomy classes are important if one is going to make phlebotomy a career. They will lead to better job posts and higher salaries.